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Shuque coach: Fitzgerald is the shade of Xiu Murray
Beijing June 6th, Larry Fitzgerald, Www.Eurocasalinghinoci.Com after so many years, there is a big fans very clear: As long as you pass him, cheap jerseys from china he will do our best. attack.

Kliff Kingsbury is still high-spirited to Fitzgelad, he hopes that the rookie four points to Kyler Murray and the new team attack can make Fitz Gerard continued to combust to blood.

Jinsale said: "I hope he will enjoy this process and enjoy the change of the offensive group. I hope this can make him more than a few years. Although a number of achievements are in the body, but he is still in training Strive to get a newcomer in a big list. He is still exhausted, and the viewer is quite touched. "

Last season, Fitzgerad completed 60 battles and promoted 734 yards, reached 6 times. He carefully in 15 seasons, the 11 seasons are full of full-time and Wholesale nfl jerseys started.

Jinserley is commented on this: "He is the shade of young quadrants. You know that he will work hard to complete the attack. He also hopes to be passed, I think he and Murre will have a good chemical reaction."