How To Fit A Dartboard Surround

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Take a little time to think about which features are best for you and which you will be prioritizing. You should also take time to consider your budget and the top features you can buy at the price point you are looking at. The following features are those which you should be thinking about when buying an electronic dartboard dart board.

After your dartboard has completely been setup, it is a good idea to measure the distance from the centre of the bull to the oche throwing line) to make 100% sure all measurements are correct. If this distance shows to be 9 Feet 6 Inches then you know your portable dartboard stand was setup correctly. The distance from the centre of the bull to the throwing line can also be measured as 115.35 Inches, 2.93 meter or 293 centimetres.

Your neighbors and roommates will be grateful to you, because for them it can be very annoying if the resonance of the wall is too high. For increased sound insulation, in such cases, even thin sheets of cork or similar materials can be very useful as soundproofing.

While you're framing the basement you should add some extra support boards to make it easier to install the dartboard once the drywall is in place.  You can also add this later, but if you know when the dart board is going it's much easier to prep before hand.

Just as in any other sport, darts have regulations as well. Are you a genuine darts fan? Dart board regulations usually refer to dart board height and distance, scoring rules, as well as general play rules. Have you ever wondered about the technical details of the game, such as dart board measurements? Do you enjoy playing ta darts in your free time?

A number of games are played to decide the winner. Each leg starts at 501 and finishes once a player has checked out with a double. Any number of sets can be played. Typically, players will play the best of five "legs" to decide who wins the "set".

The height of an American style dartboard is 5ft 3inch (160cm) from the floor to the centre of the bullseye, with the distance between the front of the board and the throwline being 7ft 3inch (221cm), comparatively shorter than the standard Bristle board.

electronic soft tip dart board Tip - Unlike steel tip, the difference is in the width of the opening of the barrel, not the action of the point. 1/4" is the wider of the two choices. You have two choices here, either 1/4" or 2BA. 2BA is much narrower and is much more common.

As stated the measurement conversion are rounded from the imperial to metric. The above is the official board heights and accepted throwing distance, however, some leagues may vary so please check your local league setup and rules.