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There are various sorts of car DVRs in the market, and they are configured with a variety of capabilities, like motion detection, GPS operate, G-sensor perform, cycled and seamless recording, and many others. Here we will mainly introduce G-sensor know-how. G-sensor is brief for Gravity-sensor; it will possibly perceive the change of accelerating force that when an object does accelerated motion, power acts on the item. Every movement, like shaking, drop, rise, might be transformed into electrical sign and then is analyzed by microprocessor, finally the job that program has designed is finished. G-sensor is widely applied to large numbers of digital merchandise. When it's used for MP3 player, the participant can robotically change songs in line with swing instructions. Moreover, when MP3 participant is put in pocket, G-sensor can calculate person's tempo. Some excessive-end private computers are also equipped with constructed-in G-sensor; once G-sensor perceives intense acceleration, it will prevent exhausting disk from being damaged immediately. As this know-how is applied to good phone, it drives corresponding software program applications in keeping with user's actions. For instance, when user is enjoying recreation, if the consumer shakes the smart phone, the sport has corresponding reaction. G-sensor is also used for car DVR which is highly regarded in automobile electronics market. 9.80m/S2), namely collision happening or speed change sharply, car DVR will mechanically save the present video of the accident and never be lined by cycled recording. Because of G-sensor operate, even if drivers encounter malicious accidents, car DVR has recorded the whole course of to show robust evidence distinguishing accident accountability, protecting your authorized curiosity. Moreover, Yaoshun's automotive electronics series merchandise are exported to many nations and regions. At present, Yaoshun has launched several sorts of multifunctional automotive black packing containers that get a lot attention from consumers. In the near future, Yaoshun will subject different recorders consistent with market demands.