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Bradford passed the carptone inspection, confident knee is innocent
SAM Bradford passed the Sagquard medical examination, officially signed with the team. Although the history of knee injury is referring to, Bradford is confident, so that he is not a problem in the calendar of the absent last season.

Tayler Eifert will sign a one-year contract with the tiger. He is the first round show in 2013, and his career is not less than six years. In the past two seasons, he only played 8 games. Due to 6 games due to the ankle fracture last season. However, Efte is expected to participate in the sniper training project.

"My knee feels very well," Bradford said when I was interviewed by the team official website. "I did because I was struggling last year, and I was one of my spirits at the lowest in my spirit. I can't Calm down. But after November, I accepted my position and started to make adjustments. I feel much. "

Dalon's six-year contract in Dalton 2014 (non-guaranteed). He has a salary of $ 16.2 million in season in 2019, salary of $ 17.7 million in 2020. This season, Dalton 365 passes completed 226 times, Cheap Jerseys promoted 2566 yards, reached 21 times, was copied 11 times.

Tiger quartz Wei Han Di - Dalton enters the injury reserve list
Beijing November 27, there were still five regular sessions, and the opportunity to compete for the seasons will be smaller and smaller. But the disaster is not single, and they are discovered by one member.

The 47-year-old Tomstone became the steelman's coach in 2007. Now he will enter the 13th season of the coaching steel man. He got 125 wins and 66 lightened results in the regular season team, and the playoffs obtained 8 wins and 7 loss records. The victory in the 43rd super bowl made him become the youngest coach in the super bowl. He ranked second, third, and fifth of the active coach in the ranging from the number of ranks.

Since Johnson joined the Eagles in 2013 he has been as a starter. 2016 Brooks joined the Eagles from the Houston Texans and signed a five-year contract. Two years later, Johnson and Brooks sits at the right side of the offensive line's performance to help the team win the Super Bowl championship. When the season, Johnson was selected the best team for a while.

Review the whole game, the New York Giants maintain the ball time of 40 minutes and 33 seconds, almost in controlling the whole game, but they have been behind the 3-12. However, they started to counterattack in the second half of the second quarter, after Stephen Baker and Ottis Anderson reached two times, the giant team successfully exceeded in the third quarter, score 17-12. In the fourth quarter, the Bill Star Running Thurman Thomas successfully helped Bill again, and his score successfully reached the total score of the super bowl history. The Bill team is not happy. Matt Bahr's shot once again let them fall behind, 20-19, and there is still 2 minutes and 16 seconds left.

Cheap nfl Jerseys nearly 50 years classic battle: shooting right
In 1994, the Football World Cup, Robert & Middot; Bacon shot lost, and gave the Cup to Brazil to make the Italian fans. In winter three years ago, a player called Scott Norwood, at the last moment of the 25th Super Bowl, shot Buffalo Ben's Rund Down in the bag. . After this super bowl, I have broken into the super bowl for three years, but there is no holding cup, and the nightmare of Si-lian is not getting rid of now, and more olive fans are sigh.

Eagles right tackle Johnson: front retaining Brooks absence will not affect performance
No matter what position, repeatedly selected a Pro Bowl players if the season injured, then the team where he will be a heavy blow. But the Philadelphia Eagles right tackle Ryan - Johnson (Lane Johnson) to believe that his teammates are ready to meet this challenge.

2019 season, Pro Football Focus network as the Eagles offensive line in the league. 12 games because of injury out of the war's opponents Johnson only made a sack, while Brooks also in 16 games as a starter only to be defeated once. Whoever replaced by Brooks as a starter, he will be subject to attention.

When the game has 8 seconds, the Bill is still 1 point behind. The Bill team chooses to try the 47-yard shot score, and this will be easy to help Bill to win their first super bowl. Then, according to the review of the game broadcast, 47 yards have been close to the range of SCOTT NORWOOD. The Bill coach Marv Levy also pointed out that the probability of successful success was less than 50%. And the facts also prove this, although this shooting it has a distance, but it deviates from about 1 foot of the right door column, and finally the shot failed. The Bill team regretted, and the explanation of Al Michaels was more memorable "No Good ... Wide Right." Let this ball become a classic in the history of super bowls. ("Wide Right" is also mentioned in two NCAA competitions in the same year and the next year, and these two games are Florida State Seminoles vs Miami Hurricane.